How are Platelets Obtained

Platelets are obtained by two methods:

From Whole Blood that is collected during blood donation When a person donates blood, the blood that is collected is called ‘Whole Blood’. This blood is taken to the Blood Bank and separated into its components. One of the components that is obtained is Platelets.

By collecting only Platelets by 'Aphaeresis'.By collecting only Platelets from a person through a process called ‘Apheresis’. The remaining components are sent back to the donor’s body.


Yuva provide opportunity to people of all walks of life to join us in our holy mission to provide the all essential ‘Blood’ to the needy patients by conducting blood donation camps in Jaipur.

Apart from blood donation, YUVA carries out a Food for Patients program weekly at the Sawai Mansingh Hospital in Jaipur. We provide nutritious and wholesome food to the patients.