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About us

Genesis � You and Us Value Altogether ....
Let's make a difference

Inspired by Basic Social Values � Medical, Education & Blood Donation, a group of members came together in 2010 to set up YUVA to work on a strong initiatives for effecting positive changes in the lives of underprivileged children, their families and communities.

It started when a group of friends sharing a common concern came together and hit upon the idea of a blood donation and help to needy persons.

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all about Blood donation

700 units of blood are required every day in the city of Jaipur. 'Yuva' put best efforts to organize donors to meet this need.

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We extend our heartiest gratitude to all our Blood Donors helping us to make our mission a success.

Oct 18.10.2019

Dr. Dhiren Shukla A+ sdp for patient Madhuri Arora (SMS Hospital)

Oct 16.10.2019

Mr. Gaurav Agarwal AB- sdp for patient Ummed Kumari Kandhal (SMS Hospital)

Oct 16.10.2019

Mr. Arpit Agarwal O- sdp for patient Anamika (SMS Hospital)

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FOOD FOR PATIENTS PROGRAM                Blood Donation Camp

Apart from blood donation, YUVA carries out a Food for Patients program weekly at the Sawai Mansingh Hospital in Jaipur. We provide nutritious and wholesome food to the patients.

Yuva provide opportunity to people of all walks of life to join us in our holy mission to provide the all essential �Blood� to the needy patients by conducting blood donation camps in Jaipur.

Vision / Mission